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COVID is in the building

The weekend of my “Bailey Bug’s first birthday, COVID STRUCK MY WHOLE HOUSEHOLD!! Four adults all with the “Rona”. I was lucky in that my symptoms were more like a sinus headache that wouldn’t go away and cold symptoms.

My poor husband was banned to the living room couch because he was the sickest and I was in denial since my rapid tests had all been negative. I had just received my booster not two weeks beforeC give me a break! Sis was sniffling and coughing also. It was inevitable we were going to just pass it around. Fortunately I was able to work from home because I well enough to do so.

I did manage to work on some designs in my down time and base coat a bunch of wood to make in to signs later on. I even made some farmhouse style frames with my new miter saw. ever time I go out to the garage I eye my table saw still in its box and think today is the day…. Then I look around the garage and think again- where am I going to put this???

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